Who We are


DeuxPax is a newly founded company, created by the twins, Emil and Nicolas Casadepax, with all our ideas in one brand. Our brand DeuxPax has a great personal significance for us. As twins with a French/Danish background in Denmark and a special surname – Casadepax – it was a wish for us to create a brand that could produce all these qualities.

We currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark with our family. Emil is studying while Nicolas is working, so we live two different lifestyles, but are using our spare time on the DeuxPax brand. We have a common love for football and love playing it ourselves. We have always been good athletes and love to use our body everyday. Therefore it was important for us to use bamboo as a material that works great with comfort, sweat and smell, and we encourage everyone to wear a DeuxPax t-shirt while exercising.

In our spare time, we use our time with friends and family, which has become an important factor for the business, because everyone is willing to help and are eager for this to become a successful business. So DeuxPax is bringing everyone together and we couldn’t be happier.

As clothing lovers ourselves, we have a hard time finding clothes that appear luxurious and are cheap at the same time. We focus on sustainability, luxuriousness and quality, at a reasonable price. We are a part of the new generation who are taking environmental responsibility.


Get to know us



Co-Founder & CEO

I’ve always wanted to work with something that is personal and has meaning to me.

I want DeuxPax to grow throughout the years and result in me meeting a lot of new people and learning many new things everyday, as I grow with the company.




I love to travel and get to know new cultures. With the dream to travel around the world. As a co-founder of DeuxPax, I am very pleased to show the benefits of the bamboo material and as a member of a new generation showing others why bamboo is so crucial for our future.




I am the keeper of the budget, the one who makes sure that every euro is used wisely. I demand that we argue to invest. A bit boring but necessary.

I do support the idea of a sustainable brand, and hope that DeuxPax will grow so we can propose a larger range of clothes, such as for kids. We have to work further with sustainability, and ensure that every step in production is sustainable. Never enough.

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